Made for your Budget

We'll make something that fits with your church budget!

Budget Description
£500 - £999 + subscription Give us your images, logo and copy and we'll build you a great church website using the SquareSpace subscription service. It has amazing functionality, fabulous layouts and is perfect for those on a low budget.
£1000 + subscription We've built a website management system that's designed especially for churches. It is modular, so it can expand when your requirements need it.
£1500-£3000 + subscription We've got lots of additional modules available: Sermons, Calendar, Events, Giving, ChurchSuite integration.
£3000-£6000 without subscription If you prefer to pay for the church website without having to have an ongoing subscription, we can do that also. We'll make you a church website just you desire, and it's yours for you to do as you wish with it. The only ongoing cost is the same as any other website - the domain name and hosting renewal fees.

SquareSpace sites

SquareSpace is a generic website platform. It's not purposefully built for churches which can make it a little awkward. Be careful with the content also. If you change the layout, you risk losing the content also.

In The Flock sites

We've spent the best part of a year developing our own church website content management system. It's built on a robust platform called 'Craft CMS'. We charge a set-up fee and an ongoing subscription fee for it.

If you need something we haven't already made, we'll create a new module for you... providing it's technically possible!

We've traditionally charged for church websites in their entirety without subscription. However we recognise not every church has the desire or the budget for a full bespoke website - which is why we've developed our alternative based on a set-up fee and subscription.



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