The Church and Charity Design Guide

Mar 18th 2020

Digital Tools for Churches during Coronavirus

There is an excellent resource for Digital Tools for Churches available. It is being updated all the time.

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Sep 25th 2019

The difference between a Website Designer and a Website Builder

What is better - a website designer or a website builder? We look at when is a good time to use one over the other.

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Aug 23rd 2019

What is Church Branding?

Church Branding is not just about logos and colours. It is much more than that. This article not only discusses not only what branding is all about - but looks at new trends too!

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Jul 18th 2019

Social Media Calendar for Churches

We're in the midst of the biggest communication shift in the last 500 years. Is the Church going to miss this shift? But how can you use social media effectively? To make waves on social media you need to use it effectively.

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Jun 19th 2019

Can Churches afford to ignore their environment impact?

Whose responsibility is it to bring about change in global warming? The Government? Business? Individuals? All have a large part to play, but as churches we should surely be taking the lead. How can we do this?

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