What is the carbon footprint of your church website?

Is your website optimised for a low carbon footprint?

Ever considered what the carbon footprint is for your website? I mean, it's not printed on paper, it doesn't need to be recycled, no plastics are involved! Surely, you say, it doesn't have much of a carbon footprint.

There's still an environmental impact though.

Take electricity for instance. The server where your church website is hosted is on all the time, ready to be visited at a split second's notice. Then there's your phone or computer, or whatever you're using to visit this website - that all uses electricity.

Then there's data. The more data you use, the more resources you use up. It gives a whole new meaning to optimising your website for speed - smaller graphics equals less data equals less of an environmental impact.

We're getting a better picture of the environmental impact of making websites and print design. We're making changes. Are you? JS